The reasoning seems to be that Wintergrasp is too lag ridden now, but I don’t see that. My old machine couldn’t keep up, but that issue was on my end not theirs. A commenter on Wowinsider coined the phrase to describe the effects of this: Wintergraveyard. I think this is a horrible move, it’s going to make the battle so one sided that it won’t be fun to play anymore. The other problem is that you’ll see people begging you to go with them into Wintergrasp when they need the dailies done. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Wintergrasp and will still give it a shot each day; but the incentive is gone for the more casual players who show up even outfitted in PVE gear.

Blizzard, why are you messing with my Wintergrasp?

In an effort to better balance the amount of players that are in Wintergrasp at any given time, we are changing the daily quests in Wintergrasp to a weekly format. This will result in an increase in the honor reward given by these quests as well as additional Stone Keeper’s Shards. These quests will reset every Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM.

There are two known issues that may occur once these changes are pushed to live realms:

  • The quest mark will now show as gold, even though the quests are repeatable.
  • After the quests reset, players near the NPC quest givers may need to move out of line of sight in order for the quests to properly appear.

via World of Warcraft – English (NA) Forums -> Wintergrasp Quest Changes.