My latest labor:

Io_LF_LOVE: I’m a male Blood Elf Pally looking for a good time – not someone I will need Frost Resistance Aura to shield me from your heart. Don’t let my Righteous Fury fool you, I’m a gentle toon looking to cast Hand of Protection to save you from these other noobs. I’m stacked with gold and good looking – you will see me and think you were hit with Hammer of Justice you’ll be so stunned. If you make me see the Holy Light I will give you my Devotion Aura. If you play games I will cast Hand of Freedom. I don’t Lay on Hands on the first date ladies, so don’t ask. Any class/race is okay, no Alliance please. Drug free, diseases are okay, I have Cleanse.

via 4QQ.Org – A Place For Love.