You have to admire that font

Untamed Va-Jay-Jays - Guess What Sexy Style is Back

Untamed Va-Jay-Jays – Guess What Sexy Style is Back

And you have to admire where they put the “Untamed” remark. Does Jessica Alba know they more or less put hairy vagina right near her, um, vagina?

Cosmo, what a bunch of crap. Same five call-out headlines each issue and none of them are important. What isn’t he telling you in the bedroom? Here is an idea – ask the guys whats up. If anything is certain in life, it’s that men like to talk about sex. Too afraid? Afraid that you might find out that he likes to get poked in the butt during foreplay? He’ll be delighted you know so you actually do it. Doesn’t want you to find out that he likes looking at his member enter the cave of happiness? It’s hardly a secret – are you watching his face?

The trick to slimming your thighs in six minutes a day is probably packing a lunch instead of hitting up McDonalds – why bother telling people to exercise without pointing out the root of their problem.

Oh, and newsflash;

Hairy Vaginas Aren’t Back in Style!

There is two reasons, for a lot of people, they never went out of style. Some men don’t like it shaved, some women don’t like it shaved. And then some men only like it shaved and then some women shave daily. It’s not a style, especially because – and here is the kicker – no one knows. Men will find out if your vagina is shaved when they have sex with you. If it’s the first time, they just picked you up, and it’s go time – they aren’t going to split because you have a hairy, bushy vagina. They are going to have sex with you just the same. Will they call you back? Were they going to anyways?

Be real ladies – if you get all your advice from Cosmopolitan magazine – and he notices them scattered around your place, he’s not going to call back. Unless he wants to “borrow” one (ex; steal) because Jessica Alba is on the cover and he likes to dream about if she has a hairy vagina or not.