Julianna Margulies Oral Sex Q&A Makes Her “Blow” Up

I have to say, I’m kinda surprised that The Huffington Post would run this type of thing, but at least they are getting good at perfecting their inner-tabloid (link: Brittany Murphy’s Mom Fucked Brittany Murphy’s Husband After Brittany Murphy Died – Proof She Did It All For The Nookie) …

Julianna Margulies Has The Perfect Mouth To Make You Happy - Oral Sex, I'm Talking Oral Sex Here

HuffPost – Julianna Margulies Must Love Oral Sex (Giving) – The HuffPost Caption Reads: Julianna Margulies BLOWS UP At Reporter Over Oral Sex Question

According to the article – Margulies swallows, hardcore. Well, that’s not true, I made that up like how they kind of made a lame attempt at an implication in the above. Except I wasn’t as crafty as they were, but then again I didn’t get millions of dollars in start up money to be “the” New Media of the future, replacing all those actual news sources printed on “dead trees”. Arianna, I’m ashamed.

Best of all I love the photo they used, I wonder if in the Getty image archive it was tagged as “Julianna Margulies Blow Job Face”?

UPDATE: Note, this image doesn’t show up on their site anymore.