The Washington Post is reporting that the offices of the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and others (their parent company is known as Discovery Communications Inc.) have a hostage situation in Silver Springs, Maryland. The man is said to have an explosive device on him;

A man with what appears to be an explosive device on him has taken at least one hostage at the Discovery Building in downtown Silver Spring, Montgomery County Police said.Cpl. Dan Friz said police received a call about 1 p.m., of shots fired in the lobby.Tactical officers are on the scene and developing a plan to deal with the situation.Police initially said the building was being evacuated, but employees said they were told via email to stay at their desks.

Officers have not fired their weapons, Friz said.

via Post Now – Discovery building being evacuated.

For more information and possibly news as it develops please see the following Google live search link:

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And this just reported on Twitter:

Update: Alleged Discovery Channel HQ gunman ID’d as James Jay Lee; has history of protesting outside building – NBC

See this live Google search on James Jay Lee:

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Update: CBS News Live Video of Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel Offices