I really understand why the Persian world is weird about sex – and by weird, I mean Iran is a bit oppressive.

Have you seen Persian women?

After about five to thirty five minutes of Googling – I really can’t find a reason why there are so many sexy Persian women, just people asking. So who gives a damn and let’s see some hot Persians? Huh? Would you like to see that daddy? I knew you would Papi.

گالری سکسی زنان عکس های ایرانی

(Sexy Persian Women Image Gallery)



Need Video Proof?

More? It could just be me, but Persian women seem to be some of the hottest women on the planet. Fertile Crescent, amirite? What. Up? Ceders of Lebanon over here if you know what I mean. Still proud to be an American, but why not open our borders more to our Persian (female) friends?

Well, here is more if you can handle the raw beauty of these amazing women. I can’t believe two YouTube videos would rank among the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.



Hey, wanted to point out a BuzzFeed list: The 8 Hottest Iranian Actresses in Hollywood. So more sexy Persian women to check out right there.