Mini Skirt Bowling Ass Animated GIF

Mini Skirt Bowling Ass GIF – Estefanía Colombo In The Shortest Skirt You Can Find Tossing A Bowling Ball Down The Lanes

I have no idea what they are saying in this clip, I have no idea what this television show is about – but I know it has sexy ass women bowling in mini skirts (really, super short sun dresses, the hottest outfit known to man). Yeah, mini-skirt bowling. It exists, it’s been filmed and it is online for your pleasure as you’ll see below.

And I know I love it, and I know I can watch this all day. And I will probably watch it again tomorrow all day, and the day after, forever and ever until I’m dead. Because it is the best thing I’ve ever seen, ever, ever, ever. And I used to watch a lot of PBA Bowling on TV when I was a kid – so that’s saying a lot.

I’ve seen tons of professional bowlers on television. I bowl in a league and was with someone who was one frame off from a perfect game 289 (10 of 12 strikes in a row) when I was growing up. For goodness sake I lived less than a 10th of a mile from the Hoinke Classic and would show up regularly to watch. Nothing was ever this good – but then again I didn’t want to see those guys in mini-skirts.

The first video I discovered;

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