Okay we get it, people like the weed. But is marijuana sexy?

But there isn’t much sexy about it. Unless you just juxtaposed photos of sexy women (or even sexy men) all around shots of the ganja. Of course someone had to do it, likely because they’ve never seen a sexy woman in real life – because love to smoke the dope. So how do you make marijuana sexy? You just slap some shit together when you are stoned and post it to YouTube.


Sexy Obama Smoking The Pot?

My review for this YouTube video is actually going to be better than my last review in my previous post. Because it’s so predicable in it’s chosen soundtrack and it does splice in photos of hot babes I’m going to score it higher than it probably deserves.

On a scale from 1 to 100 I rate this YouTube video a solid 44. It’s just kinda lame, but has at least some value – if you are super lonely and love the marijuana (forever alone, forever stoned). Also if you are both of those, and under the age of 25 I’ll say your personal rating, by me, is closer to a 67 (out of 100 possible points). If you are a lonely male pot head over 40 years old your rating is going to be 19 out of 100.

Finally we’ve found that as you get past 50, are male, and also overlap with the human of the stoner variety your rating increases for each year of your age until 81 – starting at 27 of 100. After age 81 you just cry when you watch this and your calculated review score is 3 out of 100.

UPDATE (More Sexy Weed Shots?)


I feel bad about that last video because it’s so lame. To make it up to you let’s look at some actual sexy women smoking pot, rolling around it or whatever these pot heads do to make it more interesting.

First let’s start small – a decent looking cutie smoking a ton of dope out of the biggest bong I could imagine. I’ll give a rating of 39 out of 100 on this one – just because of the cloud she blows out at the end;

So let’s get you a longer video of cute and somewhat average chicks smoking dope – a 43 out of 100 rating, gaining points because it’s longer and the title (“cute girls smoke weed”) is more accurate and doesn’t claim to be filled with sexy women smoking the pot;

Next up a single girl smoking out of what looks like a V8 or Gatorade bottle bong. The title claims she’s sexy – though I’ll give her cute at best. The audio to the video is LOUD so the LAME detector went off and took the score down to just 18 out of 100. Plus, she’s not really sexy, per se, just kinda cute. And it’s a boring video;

Now though we’ll make some progress. Immediately I notice there is a watermark and am stumped as to why there is an actual site called 420Girls.com (NSFW link!) – and points are removed for it being a rip from that site. Though the girls are sexy – so the final score is 62 out of 100 – enjoy:

Next up there is a relatively short YouTube clip of an undercover sexy girl smoking el dopa. And by undercover I mean she’s cute, and nerdy and you can only see she’s hot when she smiles. And boy does she have the lungs – she blows some clouds out of her mouth I’ve not seen in bad storms. LAME mainframes have rated this video a meager 35 out of 100 however. Agree?

Here is a longer montage of pot smoking ladies, and a lot of them are cute, a few you’d never touch with your neighbors private parts. Impressive smoking in the clip though ladies, a few are probably more “professional” at this illegal activity than the guys who never made it out of my high school because they always forgot to show up. The rating on this one came back surprisingly high, pun intended, at 71 out of 100 – again, see for yourself:

Now we’re coming back to lame montage clips with still images spliced together – though I think it gets recognition as being lame enough to actually be a promoted video on YouTube (I’m guessing someone is promoting their YouTube channel THCFinder which is strange considering the illegal activities of the uploaded videos). I couldn’t pass it up too because the name is at least somewhat unique in being called Cute Ganja Girls. Not overstated and I like the word ganja like I like the word lumpy – for no real reason. Sadly the score for this clip is just 11 out of 100;

Just to not totally disappoint – and to highlight there is actually a YouTube channel/user name TempleDragon420 here is a clip of the adult film star Tera Patrick just kinda talking about pot and posing around it – I guess for High Times magazine? Like their Swimsuit Issue, but slower and makes you more hungry I guess? The rating done by the computer gets a 73 out of 100 simply because it features the always sexystar Tera Patrick – though I contest the score. Rerunning it past the LAME computers have shown the same results however.

Sadly there are about a million clips of people, even women, some sexy ones, smoking pot on YouTube. We can’t cover them all. But hopefully you can see how this is both kinda lame but can be somewhat stimulating. Even if some of the girls in the videos are so high they can’t really be stimulated any other way than shouting “THE POLICE ARE COMING! HIDE THE STUFF!“. Remember that one, because it’s usually the pizza you forgot your ordered. The small heart attack will pass in about 45 minutes.