So I guess I subscribed to this channel on accident. I fire up the YouTube app for Android on my Nexus S 4G and am greeted with the following as a suggested video. The title seemed okay, and though I originally wanted to search for something informational I figured – how bad could it hurt to just tap the video and check it out?

Very bad. Bad indeed. I assume the channel mods/producers are running out of ideas, working against impossible deadlines or otherwise having an excuse to manufacturer something this lame. But I can hardly feel bad because I want the length of the video back to live another way. Even dying from whooping cough.

The actors? I want to stab them in the first 30 seconds only based on their faces (and their facial expressions). The running gag is just lame, and the Staples Easy Button reference is coming in a little late in the game. Why even bother producing this video? Is anyone laughing at the joke that is supposed to be the center piece of this clip? I’ll even admit the idea had some sort of potential except it was horribly executed and written.

My review of this YouTube video comes in at 2 out of 100 stars. Shame because typically I get lucky watching movies at random on YouTube.