There is always going to be your classic YouTube sexy woman montage – the endless supply of still images to a soundtrack:

This video can only, I’m sad to report, receive a rating of 26 out of 100 due to the soundtrack being used. The LAME machine detected the music overlay and took a substantial amount off an otherwise amazing score.

Moving on we have more sexy women with better music – though still just images to music. Kinda Lame, but babes nonetheless:

Solid rating on this YouTube video of 73 out of 100! Still not top ten material.

Sadly coming up with montage or compilation footage on YouTube of sexy women is hard… if you want them to be moving, actual video. I’d suggest other sites, but you’ll have to find them on your own. I did come up with the mediocrity below – a Brazilian babe competition:

Sadly only scoring 56 out of 100 just due to being overall a disappointing video according to our machine AI analysis. You decide.

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