Is Mitt Romney Having a Facebook Affair à La Anthony Weiner?

The Smoking Gun originally broke the story that is now making it’s way around the interwebs – Romney Photo Spurs Domestic Abuse Incident. You really can’t make something like this up. Turns out that the man, Lowell Turpin of Claxton Tennessee, saw his girlfriend looking at or posting an image of the weather man looking Mitt Romney on her Facebook page.

 In Claxton, Tennessee, Lowell Turpin suspected his live-in girlfriend of having an affair and was reportedly set off into a rage over a photo of another man, Mitt Romney, on the girlfriend’s Facebook page.

Mitt Romney Affair Accuser

And I guess this is understandable – Romney obviously works hard on his appearance. I think more than his perception voters have of him as a viable candidate (especially overseas). It has to take at least one hour to fix that hairdo.

According to the sheriff that arrested  the 310-pound powerhouse of a man Turpin he “angrily demanded to know who the male was”. Because at 310 lbs – he knows he has to work hard to keep his woman around. Even if he  doesn’t use the best methods – the competition has a leg up on him. Something I doubt Turpin himself can actually achieve – unless laying down.

But Turpin isn’t a gentle giant:

he reportedly threw her laptop against the wall and allegedly punched her in the face

I can only surmise that the girlfriend, Crystal Gray, will vote for Mitt Romney with the final bit in the article;

[She] reportedly told a police officer that Turpin “has been violent toward her multiple times over several years,” but she chooses to stay with him.

She’s one of those. Despite being abused, I guess she likes it – she’ll defintely vote against her interests and try to put Mittens in the White House come election day in November 2012. I hope the rest of the electorate can put this whole Mitt Romney affair behind us. He’s not a good candidate for a million other reasons.

One last editors note: can we start referring to this guy as Lol Turpin?