Chick-fil-A is more offensive than you think?

Gay_wedding_a_by_Stefano_Bolognini_GNU_FDLAt a closer glance, it is – it’s unhealthy, the grammar shakes it’s fist at your English teachers and the name is spelled, well, wrong. It angers me like Toys “Я” Us angers my mother. Why market toys to children with a store name who has a character in it that doesn’t exist (in English at least)? It encourages kids to just not care about spelling (and care about toys only). But I digress. Just based on the spelling alone, I’ve said the name wrong for years. I used  to say chick-fill-ah. Because my human brain turned it into that – being there is fucking capital a at the end of  their name… I guess I’m the moron.


The San Francisco Chronicle makes some interesting points in regards to Chick-fil-A, and how it poses a greater threat to Americans than gay marriage ever has, does or ever will;

Even before Dan Cathy [edChick’s President] equated same-sex marriage with “shaking our fist at God,” there were plenty of little reasons to stay away from Chick-fil-A.

Care about your health? A chicken sandwich (440 calories, 16 fat grams ) and waffle fries (390 calories, 20 fat grams) washed down with a medium Coke (170 calories, 47 sugar grams) will more than wipe out any benefit from a morning at the gym. [ed: that’s a 1,000 calorie meal, in one sitting!]

Care about the language? As if the name itself weren’t offensive enough, those ads with cows prodding us to “eat mor chickin” lost their cleverness sometime during the Clinton administration.

So yeah. I’m not even offended  that they contribute to what basically is a hate group (or if you prefer, a “oppression” group, or “regression” group). I’m offended they are suddenly on their high horses when they really haven’t done any favors for the American people up until this point.

UPDATE: Finally people are seeing through this and just getting mad as hell and not taking it anymore. The common man appeals to those debating gay marriage over fried chicken. And how dumb it is.. See the link for the best written piece on this issue. I see a NY Times opinion page writer in the making – it’s that smart.