Rainmeter_Logo_Stylized_By_TheZodRecently I changed my entire Rainmeter desktop setup from the wonderful Morph skin by minhtrimatrix to Enigma by Kaelri (respective Deviant Art links for Enigma and Kaelri).

I can’t say enough how happy I am with the setup and it didn’t take much time to get everything in place at all. Typically you browse the #Rainmeter group on Deviant Art and you find a ton of skins that look great but when it comes time to fitting it to your needs (or your screen resolution) it doesn’t come out the way you’d expect. Or two hours into doing it you realize you could be watching someone on My Free Cams dance around a little for too much in tips…

I didn’t use everything and moved some things around, which was most of the time spent configuring, shuffling what I wanted to go where – and haven’t really touched it since. I did take about an extra minute to create an icon for Star Wars The Old Republic, which I link at the bottom if you somehow are rocking this amazing Rainmeter skin and need a white icon that’s not square – and you’d like to represent the Empire (Die Jedi Dogs!)

Before I present you with the screenshot of how I eventually laid everything out, I have to say that I didn’t hate Morph at all. I loved it. Being that it had solid backgrounds the text was easy to read, I didn’t have to worry about attaching each skin element (boxes mostly) to each other to create some an effect like the one in the Molecular Desktop recently featured on Lifehacker and it was pretty much everything I wanted and nothing more. I wanted a glance at some system monitoring measurements, and for them to be clear enough to see on my screen from around five and a half feet away (HDTV monitor).

Without much more ado, because I came only to post a screenshot anyhow – here is what it came out looking like (minus my quick and horrible blurring of my tray icons for security reasons).

My Rainmeter Enigma Theme Screenshot


Rainmeter Enigma Theme Screenshot Layout

The Zod’s Rainmeter Desktop Screenshot Based on The Enigma rmskin – Click to Enlarge The Image/Visit the Image Page


As promised here is my SWTOR Empire Logo Icon – Right Click and Save. It is too small to post (and won’t show on the background plus it takes a Razer mouse to get the precision to click it)