I posted earlier on how happy I was with the Rainmeter Enigma skin – and instead of going on at length about it again (and how I love it) I’m offering you the Rainmeter .rmskin package file to download and install. The credit still goes to Kaelri and his wonderful Rainmeter skin Enigma – however if you want a jump-start into having your desktop look as mine does you can download the .rmskin package file I created from my own install here;

  • Download the KindaLame.com edited Enigma Rainmeter .rmskin package file (temporarily removed)

I am offering it as a great jumping off point in creating something that you’ll not only find ascetically appealing but also quite useful on your desktop. No doubt, you’ll tweak it – especially as a Rainmeter users – and even more if you don’t need a SWTOR launcher icon. This is all easily changed in the Enigma options skin (once loaded).

Rainmeter Enigma Theme Skin .rmskin Download

However, if you are interested in the multitude of desktop wallpapers I use in rotation with Windows 7, rotating every 10 seconds – please use the following link/galleries;