Amazon has been stepping into publishing with their self-published books for Kindle and the fancy tools to do it – but what happens when accomplished writers start publishing with Amazon? Sadly, it looks as if their books won’t be printed and they won’t get carried by other eBook retailers such as Apple or Google. Apple and the brick-and-mortar stores I understand, but Google?

The impact is somewhat chilling (see bold):

As Amazon attempts to sign big-name authors in the future, it will have to convince them that print distribution isn’t important. The 4-Hour Chef may be sold at few places other than Amazon. Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore chain in the U.S., won’t stock Amazon titles in its stores, and many independent bookstores refuse to do so as well. And while Amazon is making its New York titles available as ebooks to other retailers through distributor Ingram, few rivals are biting. The ebook edition of My Mother Was Nuts, for example, is for sale at Kobo but not at Google, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store or Apple’s iBookstore.

Via: “Ferriss: Even if I sell a million Kindle books, some people will call it a failure