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KindaLame: The Stupid Stuff You Find On Makes Them A Fortune

There is an amazing amount of stuff on the Internet and most of the stupid stuff is on eHow.   There is both good and bad stuff on the Internet. But one of my favorite content farms of all time

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New MMO, New Talent Trees: My Mixed Pick For Sith Sorcerer for SWTOR

SWTOR Empire

SWTOR SITH SORCERER TALENT CALCULATOR This will no doubt change as the game is updated, class stats are tweaked by Bioware and play style changes – but I am loving the Sith Sorcerer class and thus far this seems like

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KINDA LAME: Receive SMS For Free And Get Paid For Reading Them?


  Get Paid To Read SMS Messages? Cash Texts is a new way to get paid for receiving SMS text messages. They will send you interesting ads, that’s right, advertisements – and pay you for each one you receive. Be

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LAME: Beer Allergies

Beer Allergies Can Leave You High and Dry When You Are Limited to What an Event Offers As I grew older I drank less at times and found that during other times I was much smarter about drinking (throwing up less)

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Listen to Al Jazeera (English) With Live Audio Only Feed To Save Bandwidth

Al Jazeera English Live Not willing or unable to keep up with the news in Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen by watching Al Jazeera’s (new, freely available) Adobe Flash feed? Want to give Al Jazeera a break for offering such a

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