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LAME: Getting Kids Hooked on Pocky

These Japanese – they all have a scary and dangerous addiction to an evil menace that seems to now threaten the world population. Pocky¬†sticks. Sure, it seems innocent. Chocolate (or strawberry, cappuccino or worse) over a cracker. But it’s on

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Lame – Losing Your Hair And Going Bald

After dealing with an ongoing issue for 10 years I’ve come to the conclusion that has become one of the lamest experiences one can go through – losing your hair. Personally, I have no problem with it. Hair and my

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I was inspired by the original Vengeance Dad meme and AwkwardFamiyPhotos image, have a look at: “I TOOK HER, MINE NOW” Credit for the original image goes to Awkward Family Photos, Thinking of Me. Someone should contact her, I think

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Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us; Advice from The Awl (What not to say at dinner) And A Personal Apology

Yeah, it’s that time again. Time to stuff your face and be happy you are an American (even if the USA is heading toward Third-World status). Typically I just post random stuff here, but why not have a little holiday

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KindaLame: Words of Wisdom – Proving Yourself

A realization; The more barbaric the world seems, the more likely it is you have to resort to violence to prove yourself In other words; when people are idiots you have to act like an idiot to communicate with them.

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