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How Calibrating My Core Temps With Real Temp Saved My Sanity

Calibrating My CPU Core Temps With Real Temp Helped Me Worry Less And Love My PC More I’ve been running Core Temp for many years now on my Core 2 Quad that I bought in mid-2009 – and through this, by

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New MMO, New Talent Trees: My Mixed Pick For Sith Sorcerer for SWTOR

SWTOR Empire

SWTOR SITH SORCERER TALENT CALCULATOR This will no doubt change as the game is updated, class stats are tweaked by Bioware and play style changes – but I am loving the Sith Sorcerer class and thus far this seems like

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Lame Linux Tip of The Day – Enter Root (super user) mode at the Ubuntu command prompt

The Ubuntu Linux distribution simply does not want you to create a password for the user ROOT and descend upon the system with a flurry of commands. Read any Ubuntu Forums or Ubuntu-related blog posting and you’ll see a series

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Lame: The Huffington Post is Becoming the New York Post

Julianna Margulies Oral Sex Q&A Makes Her “Blow” Up I have to say, I’m kinda surprised that The Huffington Post would run this type of thing, but at least they are getting good at perfecting their inner-tabloid (link: Brittany Murphy’s

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Not Lame: OMFG Olivia Is On The Daily Show Now

Praise Allah, Jesus and L. Ron Hubbard! Olivia Munn, the sexy German-Irish-Chinese goddess looks to be a new corespondent on The Daily Show. This has to be groundbreaking for her, to get on another channel than G4, even if it is Comedy Central.

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