Rainmeter Enigma Theme Desktop Screenshot

Recently I changed my entire Rainmeter desktop setup from the wonderful Morph skin by minhtrimatrix¬†to Enigma by Kaelri¬†(respective Deviant Art links for Enigma and Kaelri). I can’t say enough how happy I am with the setup and it didn’t take much time to get everything in place at all. Typically Read more…

By The Zod, ago

New MMO, New Talent Trees: My Mixed Pick For Sith Sorcerer for SWTOR


SWTOR EmpireThis will no doubt change as the game is updated, class stats are tweaked by Bioware and play style changes - but I am loving the Sith Sorcerer class and thus far this seems like the most fun tree to play. I am liking the healing from periodic (damage) spell effects in PVP - though I don't, yet, want this character to be a healer so I'm only focusing on those boosts to myself. Affliction + Carrying the Huttball. Build is shown after the jump link: (more…)

By The Zod, ago