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Apple To Give Credits To 3G S Owners Only For System Downtime

But what is it doing for the existing 3G owners who couldn’t pay their bills for a week leading up to the launch? (Did you try to pay your bill online this month). And what about those few days of

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Lame: After Updating to Firmware 3.0 You’ll See iPhone sync error 13019

If you recently updated to the iPhone 3.0 firmware you may find that you can’t sync your iPhone in Windows (reports coming in from Windows 7, Vista and XP) without receiving an error. The sync is automatic after the update,

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Small Print (iPhone 3G S)

Before you checkout read the fine print. If you can see it. You’ll be paying almost $500 to upgrade to that new iPhone.

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Software Fail: iTunes 8.1 & Windows 7

iTunes 8.1 refused to install on my Windows 7 machine repeatedly – now I get the failure shown below.¬†But to be fair, my buddy is getting all sorts of Sidebar¬†errors under Windows Vista Business;     Per our Skype conversation

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