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Not Lame: Only Charlie Sheen Has His Priorities Straight

Charlie Sheen says the focus on his latest escapade is not worth media attention, especially with all that’s going on. Not because he’s embarrassed, not at all. It’s not the stories about porn stars, suitcases of drugs – it’s the

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What’s Lame – February 3rd, 2011 Edition – Lil Wayne Relocates to Green Bay, Records Super Bowl 2011 Anthem For Packers

Lil Wayne is a Cheesehead? Despite claiming that he’d one day carry New Orleans on his back the Martian Lil’ Wayne has recorded a very interesting freestyle ahead of Super Bowl XLV for Green Bay Packers fans, such as himself,

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Warner Brothers Leak Part of Harry Potter? (Yes, yes they did)

This story caught my eye because they put torrent in quotes, like torrent sites don’t exist; For those of you too busy downloading the entire Beatles catalogue to check out entertainment news, the second-to-last “Harry Potter” movie debuts Friday. The

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Not Lame – Sweet Deal: Antec Three Hundred ATX Mid Tower Case

If I had a job, I’d buy it myself – nice cheap compact case with a lot of places for fans and¬†ventilation. I’m running a nice little Intel Quad Core, and it can get hot even with some of the

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OH NOES: New Zealand Hit By 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake… Guess Where

Of all places in the world –¬†Christchurch, New Zealand was hit today with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Because I’m an American I had no idea that, as Wikipedia puts it, “The Christchurch urban area is the second-largest in the country

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