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LAME: Life Hack video by Smoosh (aka YouTube Channel Subscription Fail)

So I guess I subscribed to this channel on accident. I fire up the YouTube app for Android on my Nexus S 4G and am greeted with the following as a suggested video. The title seemed okay, and though I

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Not Lame: Mini-Skirt Bowling (And Why Is Foreign TV Better?)

Mini-Skirt Bowling On Television

I have no idea what they are saying in this clip, I have no idea what this television show is about – but I know it has sexy ass women bowling in mini skirts (really, super short sun dresses, the

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NOT LAME: Sexy Persian Women

I really understand why the Persian world is weird about sex – and by weird, I mean Iran is a bit oppressive. Have you seen Persian women? After about five to thirty five minutes of Googling – I really can’t

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Not Lame: Only Charlie Sheen Has His Priorities Straight

Charlie Sheen says the focus on his latest escapade is not worth media attention, especially with all that’s going on. Not because he’s embarrassed, not at all. It’s not the stories about porn stars, suitcases of drugs – it’s the

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Lame: The Huffington Post is Becoming the New York Post

Julianna Margulies Oral Sex Q&A Makes Her “Blow” Up I have to say, I’m kinda surprised that The Huffington Post would run this type of thing, but at least they are getting good at perfecting their inner-tabloid (link: Brittany Murphy’s

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