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"And it is, I am persuaded, not some deep-seated love of the downtrodden
Xhosa or Zulu that has caused America's press and clergy to insist upon
the most severe of sanctions upon South Africa. (After all, Ndebele, Hutu,
Tutsi, Ibo and countless tribal peoples have been massacred in far greater
numbers in modern Africa, without a peep of protest from these same sources.)

The spirit driving the anti-apartheid coalition worldwide is not love at
all; it is hatred, and not just hatred of apartheid, but hatred of the Boer,
hatred of Botha, his party and people, hatred of the 19th century idea they
embody - the idea that the Christian West, because of the superiority of
its values and the civilization those values produced, has an inherent
right to rule over other peoples."
[Patrick J. Buchanan. "Why has Appeal
of Communism Endured for So Many?"]

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