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Not Lame: Found, Beautiful Pictures of North Beach and Gulf Pier

Check out this Picasa web album I accidentally found; awesome shots of the Gulf Pier at Fort Desoto, the sun setting, the sky, the wildlife, the view and the beaches. I saw one of the shots on The Tag Show

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People Playing

Honestly I want to take pictures of everyone who looks like they are having a good time. These two, who you won’t see until you enlarge, are having a great time. This place is a good reason to have kids,

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Crazy Dudes

This bird was somewhat crazy. He moved towards you then jumped up and glided down to another point 30 feet away after five minutes. I love the hover these, almost all sea birds have, that freezes them in the air.

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The Light Crew of North Beach

A few birds and that lovely view of the Earth. (Fort Desoto)

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High Tied Makes Good Waves

These are just crashing, but they are a lot bigger on the rise in. (Fort Desoto)

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