Aereo Cincinnati, OH Beta Available & Review

Aereo Cincinnati Coming: 1/21/14 - Sign Up Here

I was able to get into the Aereo Cincinnati beta and a month trial a few days prior to the official release here in Cincinnati, Ohio and am putting it to the real┬átest now watching a broadcast NFL game from their DVR feature. I actually was able to finish the super fast sign up process last night and start immediately watching live TV from my computer in just minutes (more…)

By The Zod, ago

The Throng at the Obama Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

The masses are getting sweaty and anxious to see the main event. I believe the blip on stage is Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. He was late getting in from Dayton, Ohio – but he didn’t dissapoint. Oddly he never said anything about raising my taxes… Nothing. (Sent from my phone)

By The Zod, ago