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Not Lame: Extreme Parkour!

Chris Hardwick will pwn your office! Via …WEB SOUP… / G4

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Kinda Lame: 4QQ.Org Dating – A Place For Love

My latest labor: Io_LF_LOVE: I’m a male Blood Elf Pally looking for a good time – not someone I will need Frost Resistance Aura to shield me from your heart. Don’t let my Righteous Fury fool you, I’m a gentle toon looking to

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Not Lame (!) People Amass For Reverse Migration;”Beavers return to Scotland”

After a drought the Scottish future has changed.  Last night two hundred families were created when 400 European “beavers” were released into the wild beside a bar in Knapdale, Argyllshire and central London’s night district. For many men, this was

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