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Kinda Lame: Trying to make Pot Sexy with “Marijuana Montage” featuring sexy women and weed photos.

Sexy Obama Smoking The Pot

Okay we get it, people like the weed. But is marijuana sexy? But there isn’t much sexy about it. Unless you just juxtaposed photos of sexy women (or even sexy men) all around shots of the ganja. Of course someone

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LAME: 2012 Chevy Sonic Recalled Already – It Was Shipped Without Break Pads

D’OH – Chevy Sonic Missing Break Pads Upon Shipping Seems like a bonehead mistake, of gigantic proportions. Chevrolet has shipped their 2012 Sonic without break pads installed – no big deal. Oh, wait, we need those in order to keep from careening into

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Lame – Losing Your Hair And Going Bald

After dealing with an ongoing issue for 10 years I’ve come to the conclusion that has become one of the lamest experiences one can go through – losing your hair. Personally, I have no problem with it. Hair and my

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Lame: Hairy Vaginas Are Worth A Cosmo Headline

You have to admire that font… And you have to admire where they put the “Untamed” remark. Does Jessica Alba know they more or less put hairy vagina right near her, um, vagina? Cosmo, what a bunch of crap. Same

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No, It’s Okay! We Can Say That Now, Sarah Said So.

Hey White People, how’s it going? It’s an amazing time we live in, that’s for sure. We found out if we can say the notorious “N” word from Chris Rock (not really, but we now know the exact moment in time when it is okay!). Now we are learning that it is okay to say the once used, now retired “R” word. That’s right, retarded is making a comeback. We can even go full on retarded! It’s not offensive anymore to people with

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