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Man Assaults Girlfriend Because He Thinks She’s Having An Affair With Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Affair Accuser

Is Mitt Romney Having a Facebook Affair à La Anthony Weiner? The Smoking Gun originally broke the story that is now making it’s way around the interwebs – Romney Photo Spurs Domestic Abuse Incident. You really can’t make something like this up.

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LAME: 2012 Chevy Sonic Recalled Already – It Was Shipped Without Break Pads

D’OH – Chevy Sonic Missing Break Pads Upon Shipping Seems like a bonehead mistake, of gigantic proportions. Chevrolet has shipped their 2012 Sonic without break pads installed – no big deal. Oh, wait, we need those in order to keep from careening into

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I was inspired by the original Vengeance Dad meme and AwkwardFamiyPhotos image, have a look at: “I TOOK HER, MINE NOW” Credit for the original image goes to Awkward Family Photos, Thinking of Me. Someone should contact her, I think

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Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us; Advice from The Awl (What not to say at dinner) And A Personal Apology

Yeah, it’s that time again. Time to stuff your face and be happy you are an American (even if the USA is heading toward Third-World status). Typically I just post random stuff here, but why not have a little holiday

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The Onion – Greatest Hits – Man on the Street & Excess Fat Diminishes Brainpower

“I thought there was a correlation. Its amazing how many dumb fucks are also dumb, fat fucks.” via Excess Fat Diminishes Brainpower | The Onion – Americas Finest News Source | American Voices.

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