I was inspired by the original Vengeance Dad meme and AwkwardFamiyPhotos image, have a look at: “I TOOK HER, MINE NOW” Credit for the original image goes to Awkward Family Photos, Thinking of Me. Someone should contact her, I think she’s single fellas. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

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Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us; Advice from The Awl (What not to say at dinner) And A Personal Apology

Yeah, it's that time again. Time to stuff your face and be happy you are an American (even if the USA is heading toward Third-World status). Typically I just post random stuff here, but why not have a little holiday fun and point you towards two articles I found enjoyable – and great examples of what Thanksgiving can really be like – both from The Awl.

First up we have a list of ten things you shouldn’t say or discuss at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner from Dave Bry (article titled, My Sister’s Apple Cake – which is a misnomer as his sister’s apple cake is a Better Homes & Gardens apple cake, he admits).

Besides mentioning to not bring up the dreaded job search, Dave suggests avoiding even the topic of popular music – which given his example, I definitely agree with the sentiment. Music is always a tricky topic to broach with people who have varied interests or gasp, don’t know shit about music (or Prince);


By The Zod, ago