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Amazon Published Books… Aren’t Really Books?

Amazon has been stepping into publishing with their self-published books for Kindle and the fancy tools to do it – but what happens when accomplished writers start publishing with Amazon? Sadly, it looks as if their books won’t be printed

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Google Voice’s SMS Service Has One Use – To Quickly Send Links To Your Phone

I like to read some things from my phone and some things from my PC (which is connected to a HDTV, running 720p – easy on text, though still too far to read from my recliner). For the things I’d

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Not Lame: Telling Gmail Users Not To F*** Up

Let’s face it – people are idiots. They can’t manage a simple task and need to be reminded ever five minutes not to kill themselves with household products. My favorite’s Comet & coffeepots. The following snippet is a gem from the Gmail

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Hack: Cleaning Up Your Gmail Account In A Few Simple Steps

It seems that over time I’ve collected over 20,000 Gmail “conversations” and until today had 1,800 unread e-mails in my inbox. Who knows how many “read” e-mails I might have had. When I first opened the account in 2004 I

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LAME: Google Fails At Math!

399,999,999,999,999 – 399,999,999,999,998 = 0 via 399,999,999,999,999 – 399,999,999,999,998 – Google Search.

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