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Google Voice’s SMS Service Has One Use – To Quickly Send Links To Your Phone

I like to read some things from my phone and some things from my PC (which is connected to a HDTV, running 720p – easy on text, though still too far to read from my recliner). For the things I’d

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Not Lame: Restoring Winamp Settings After An Upgrade or System Recovery

Howto:┬áRestore Winamp Settings After An Upgrade If you were anything like me you once managed your music collection with something other than iTunes in Windows (Windows XP specifically). Personally my favorite music tool was Winamp – I had plug-ins of

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Hack: Cleaning Up Your Gmail Account In A Few Simple Steps

It seems that over time I’ve collected over 20,000 Gmail “conversations” and until today had 1,800 unread e-mails in my inbox. Who knows how many “read” e-mails I might have had. When I first opened the account in 2004 I

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Lame: After Updating to Firmware 3.0 You’ll See iPhone sync error 13019

If you recently updated to the iPhone 3.0 firmware you may find that you can’t sync your iPhone in Windows (reports coming in from Windows 7, Vista and XP) without receiving an error. The sync is automatic after the update,

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