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The link is to the right in the sidebar, but it has to be highlighted: is proud to host Ill Poetic’s two mixtapes of Joe Budden & Portishead and NIN & Outkast. NINaliens – Ill Poetic Presents Outkast Meets

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Top rated iTunes songs, by most played.

It’s been about one month since I’ve started to use iTunes as the primary music player in the house and it’s a great time to check the standings. The top ten is made up of Lil Wayne (mainly), Eminen, ill

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Good bye

Good bye friend, we will miss you. (Sent from my phone) View Larger Map

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Tonight we say good bye

It’s going to be a fun night and it might be a sad night. The problem we are seeing tonight is that hip-hop has no love on this city, so we are losing someone we were lucky to get. Tonight

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