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Kinda Lame: Trying to make Pot Sexy with “Marijuana Montage” featuring sexy women and weed photos.

Sexy Obama Smoking The Pot

Okay we get it, people like the weed. But is marijuana sexy? But there isn’t much sexy about it. Unless you just juxtaposed photos of sexy women (or even sexy men) all around shots of the ganja. Of course someone

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Kinda Lame: iPhone sells Myspace Music downloads

The iTunes Music Store (or iTMS) is already the gold standard of music sales. Why shouldn’t they try to become the worlds clearinghouse of music? They have the user and active buyer base to just swallow the competition in utter

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Not Lame: Found, Beautiful Pictures of North Beach and Gulf Pier

Check out this Picasa web album I accidentally found; awesome shots of the Gulf Pier at Fort Desoto, the sun setting, the sky, the wildlife, the view and the beaches. I saw one of the shots on The Tag Show

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