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Listen to Al Jazeera (English) With Live Audio Only Feed To Save Bandwidth

Al Jazeera English Live Not willing or unable to keep up with the news in Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen by watching Al Jazeera’s (new, freely available) Adobe Flash feed? Want to give Al Jazeera a break for offering such a

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Live News: Haitian Earthquake Photos

As posted by me on Twitter (cut and pasted from my phone, from a great client TwitBird): Every Haiti Earthquake photo you wanted to see on Twitter (Twitter Search link, find the latest updates) – January 12, 2010 11:23:20

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Vice Presidential Debates, Live

Biden just made his move and said what I wanted someone to say since he was picked; that Obama wants Biden to be there offering his advice, without censor. It shows that the two would work together, would even fight

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Vice Presidential Debate, Live

Sarah Palin seems to be the true anti-government candidate. If government is so bad then get out of it. Is it patriotic for you to pay taxes? Hell yes it is. The power to tax belongs to the people, it

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