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Lame Update: Prince Phillip, Consort of the Queen, Made Commie Joke to Obama

In a follow up to a goofy post I wrote earlier it seems that Prince Philip made an off the wall comment to President Obama when he first visited the White House; [The] President told the Royals: “I had breakfast

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Not Lame: The Annotated White House Flickr Feed Via The Awl

Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins annotate White House images taken by Pete Souza – Link at the bottom, hilarious. We’re gonna leave the old man alone. He’s a hero. But fuck this guy. via The Annotated White House Flickr Feed,

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Obama smeared with Rev. Wright

I just saw, in southwest Ohio, a commercial funded by The National Republican Trust PAC that finally broke the silence in the national campaign about the “relationship” between Rev. Wright’s comments and Obama’s views on how to run the country.

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YouTube Video, Barak Obama in Cincinnati, Ohio

See Obama speak about the economy and the mortgage crisis in Cincinnati, Ohio 2008 There was not a let down face in the place. At least one of the campaigns provided a clear message in Cincinnati today, Palin just attacked.

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The Throng at the Obama Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

The masses are getting sweaty and anxious to see the main event. I believe the blip on stage is Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. He was late getting in from Dayton, Ohio – but he didn’t dissapoint. Oddly he never said

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