I was inspired by the original Vengeance Dad meme and AwkwardFamiyPhotos image, have a look at: “I TOOK HER, MINE NOW” Credit for the original image goes to Awkward Family Photos, Thinking of Me. Someone should contact her, I think she’s single fellas. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

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Kinda Lame

What is this a drawing of?

What is this drawing? Robot sperm? A swastika for schizophrenics? A clever commentary on race relations in Cincinnati? Schematics for a cold fusion reactor? The worst tic-tac-toe game ever? Connect the dots for a Parkinson’s crippled woman? The timeline of Michael Jackson’s skin color? Nope, none of those… I was Read more…

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Software Fail: iTunes 8.1 & Windows 7

iTunes 8.1 refused to install on my Windows 7 machine repeatedly – now I get the failure shown below.¬†But to be fair, my buddy is getting all sorts of Sidebar¬†errors under Windows Vista Business;     Per our Skype conversation here is how to reproduce the error: [7:15:42 PM] MNsh: Read more…

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