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Lame: Offended at the Mosque but Not Ground Zero as a Tourist Destination

If you are one of these GOP fucktards you’ve made a big issue out of the proposed mosque to be builtĀ blocks away from Ground Zero – but not the blockage, your blockage, of the Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act

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Fail: Gordon Brown makes election gaffe causing him to /facepalm

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today, who is polling third behind his opponents in the election, called a female candidate a bigoted woman in private remarks which were recorded and played back to him on the BBC. He swiftly apologized but

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Lame: The Net After Net Neutrality Dies (Image)

Via @ Digg (author unknown)

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Quick Post: Why HuffPo Matters

Today I received an e-mail from Air America Radio with the teaser: Pitney-gate: Why Is Huffington Post Getting Called On At White House Pressers? First I have to say it’s a teaser because I saw no mention of this story

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Not Lame: Blog to Read: “The DCeiver” – Seriously Funny Political Shit

If you are going to read one political blog to make you laugh, and maybe cry, from laughing, it should be The DCeiver. Check out the sample post I stole below (yes, in its entirety because I’m just that lame).

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