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Amazon Published Books… Aren’t Really Books?

Amazon has been stepping into publishing with their self-published books for Kindle and the fancy tools to do it – but what happens when accomplished writers start publishing with Amazon? Sadly, it looks as if their books won’t be printed

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Jamie Lee Curtis is Lame for the Holidays

JAMIE LEE CURTIS: Gridlocked (Out) At Christmas I am spending my holiday in the mountains of Idaho in our log cabin, and after a lovely Christmas Eve pizza party, the lights went out — everywhere. She laments about not having

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Not Lame: Telling Gmail Users Not To F*** Up

Let’s face it – people are idiots. They can’t manage a simple task and need to be reminded ever five minutes not to kill themselves with household products. My favorite’s Comet & coffeepots. The following snippet is a gem from the Gmail

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Apple To Give Credits To 3G S Owners Only For System Downtime

But what is it doing for the existing 3G owners who couldn’t pay their bills for a week leading up to the launch? (Did you try to pay your bill online this month). And what about those few days of

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Clever Beer Names

Best Among Beer Names

What is That Beer Name? If you look closely you’ll see the name of this beer is “Horse Piss Beer” – Brilliant! It could only be topped by Horse Semen Beer. The manufacturer calls it “Kentucky’s Finest”, however Beer Advocate

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