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FAIL: Chick-fil-A Should Offend You More Than You Think


Chick-fil-A is more offensive than you think? At a closer glance, it is – it’s unhealthy, the grammar shakes it’s fist at your English teachers and the name is spelled, well, wrong. It angers me like Toys “Я” Us angers my mother. Why

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Lame: The Net After Net Neutrality Dies (Image)

Via @ Digg (author unknown)

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Let Newspapers Die; It’s Journalism We Need Says One Man

It’s a take that we haven’t heard before, but it somewhat makes sense. I think first though we need to get these new journalists to move to other mediums. Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a

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Call Your Congress Person!

Someone needs to launch an in-depth investigation into the practices of Fruit of the Loom. I’m the type of guy who finds something that works and sticks with it. One of my longest mainstays have been Reebok Classics, I’ve been

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Offline, Thanks to RoadRunner

Every Saturday morning my cable Internet service goes out. This weekend it didn’t come back on. Of course I could just take this time to go outside or get something done around the house, but I’m (stuck) watching a PBS

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