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Software Fail: iTunes 8.1 & Windows 7

iTunes 8.1 refused to install on my Windows 7 machine repeatedly – now I get the failure shown below.¬†But to be fair, my buddy is getting all sorts of Sidebar¬†errors under Windows Vista Business;     Per our Skype conversation

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View GPS Data in Photos With Exif Viewer for Firefox

Ever wonder where someone’s photo was taken, or with what camera? On this site you can see those details with a Firefox add-on; Exif Viewer 1.45. You can see the camera make and model as well as the resolution with

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World of Warcraft PVP Achievements

I like this new system of achievement points in World of Warcraft, you finally get noted for things like carrying the Warsong Gulch flag three times without dying. ([Ironman], screenshot below). And yes that was the three to zero game.

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W00T! Wow Lameness: King of Ironforge down on Kargath Realm

Horde defeats King of Ironforge

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