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Lame photo: Via Twitter, sale for stay at home parents

“dankando: Back to school sale for stay-at-home parents –

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OH NOES: New Zealand Hit By 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake… Guess Where

Of all places in the world –¬†Christchurch, New Zealand was hit today with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Because I’m an American I had no idea that, as Wikipedia puts it, “The Christchurch urban area is the second-largest in the country

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Shocking: Sarah Palin Supports Dr. Laura Dropping the N-Bomb 11 Times On-Air

Sarah Palin – you never cease to amaze me. After Dr. Laura Schlessinger decided it would be best to quit radio after dropping the N-bomb on the radio last week Palin has come out on Twitter supporting Dr. Laura for

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Live News: Haitian Earthquake Photos

As posted by me on Twitter (cut and pasted from my phone, from a great client TwitBird): Every Haiti Earthquake photo you wanted to see on Twitter (Twitter Search link, find the latest updates) – January 12, 2010 11:23:20

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