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Not Lame: Restoring Winamp Settings After An Upgrade or System Recovery

Howto: Restore Winamp Settings After An Upgrade If you were anything like me you once managed your music collection with something other than iTunes in Windows (Windows XP specifically). Personally my favorite music tool was Winamp – I had plug-ins of

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Not Lame: Testing Windows 7 Release Candidate

I’ve been a Windows beta tester since Windows ’95 – and I personally love seeing what the next generation of Windows holds for us PC users. I’ve got the beta running on both my laptop and my primary desktop, but

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Software Fail: iTunes 8.1 & Windows 7

iTunes 8.1 refused to install on my Windows 7 machine repeatedly – now I get the failure shown below. But to be fair, my buddy is getting all sorts of Sidebar errors under Windows Vista Business;     Per our Skype conversation

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