Hey geeks, hey nerds, hey people locked into the Salesforce ecosystem. We have just the place for you. Whether you’re looking to complain about Salesforce or wanting some advice on if you should deploy a trigger that can be disabled via a custom setting (you should) this is the new place for you.

Mastodonforce? Salesforce.Social – the social media network for Salesforce enthusiasts.

Salesforce.Social is a new Mastodon instance that aims to be a breeding ground of disgust and kvetching about all things Salesforce. Where are you Salesforce MVPs and those looking for their first Salesforce certification? Do you want a social media instance aimed at your needs, at your desires?

Salesforce.Social might just be for you, check it out! Come join us in the Fediverse.

It doesn’t matter if you’re recently Salesforce certified as an architect or as an app developer or if you’re just getting started. We’re here if you think there is vendor lock-in due to their expanding empire – that has even gobbled up Tableau. If you enjoy the Salesforce licensing scheme of paying per user and buying up to more features or you have efficiently maximized your Salesforce user base for license constraints come share more. If you’re an Apex ninja, a declarative commando or a new user come share your thoughts or experiences with Salesforce.

Get away from the Salesforce Community and get with a growing Salesforce community not owned by Salesforce.Com Inc. Make your voice heard without giving them the right to your identity, own it yourself with Mastodon on Salesforce.Social!

YOU: “I know Salesforce – I just don’t understand what Mastodon is or what this “Fediverse” means!?!?”

Watch below!