Lame: The Media Doesn’t Understand Apple Pay But Loves It

It’s worth doing a much bigger post bringing together all sorts of snippets from articles proving that many in the media are hailing Apple Pay as what will save us all from using cash – and the burden of having money entirely – and then exposing what little they actually do know about it. It seems that each article I’ve seen since the week before Apple Pay was announced is the same click-bait style speculation. I’m not personally convinced this is going to be a boon to Apple or make anyone’s life actually easier – and some in the media might be catching on. Especially now that there are some cracks in the foundation, like going up against Wal-Mart, Target, CVS and other retailers who have their own payment consortium and working groups, the media is enjoying writing more link bait about its demise.

Right now they still seem to love it, but they don’t really understand it;

Apple Pay works on the company’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which have so-called near-field communication technology built in. The big catch for Apple is that merchants have to upgrade their credit and debit card systems to them read those short-wave signals.
via: Business Week

It’s not “so-called near-field communication technology” – it works by using the Near Field Communications standard, a standard first arrived at in 2003. 11 years ago, it’s old technology in current tech terms. The folks wanting you to take their stock advice don’t understand how it works, they just know Apple has done it better than anyone else and it’s going to make them, you and everyone a lot of money.


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Aereo Cincinnati, OH Beta Available & Review

Aereo Cincinnati Coming: 1/21/14 – Sign Up Here

I was able to get into the Aereo Cincinnati beta and a month trial a few days prior to the official release here in Cincinnati, Ohio and am putting it to the real test now watching a broadcast NFL game from their DVR feature.

I actually was able to finish the super fast sign up process last night and start immediately watching live TV from my computer in just minutes Read more ›

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Do You Even Rift?


Rift, the never popular World of Warcraft clone has gone F2P (free to play).

The question is, do you even Rift bro?

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Carrie Fisher Gets Kim Peek Award for Disability in Media

The actress who portrayed Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, was presented with the Kim Peek award this weekend for her ability to overcome her disability while taking on Hollywood –

“Would Kim Peek have liked the word ‘disability’ to describe him?” Fisher asked in a phone interview beforehand. “Disability sounds so broken. Bipolar disorder is challenging; it’s incredibly intense. … You have the choice to submit, be a victim, or take it on and fly in the face of it.”

Kim Peek is the man who the story of Rain Man was based on

The woman who was Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy at 19 and born to Hollywood royalty — singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds — has never lived a fairy tale.

Friday, she shared pieces of her journey during “An Evening With Carrie Fisher,” sponsored by the Utah Film Center. She received the center’s second annual Kim Peek Award for Disability in Media, an honor bestowed because of the candor with which she has tackled the mania and depression that are part of who she is.


… Fisher was lauded as having a similar passion for knowledge and the same goal of acceptance for people who are different.

via Carrie Fisher takes Kim Peek honor for owning challenge, raising awareness | Deseret News.

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Amazon Published Books… Aren’t Really Books?

Amazon has been stepping into publishing with their self-published books for Kindle and the fancy tools to do it – but what happens when accomplished writers start publishing with Amazon? Sadly, it looks as if their books won’t be printed and they won’t get carried by other eBook retailers such as Apple or Google. Apple and the brick-and-mortar stores I understand, but Google?

The impact is somewhat chilling (see bold):

As Amazon attempts to sign big-name authors in the future, it will have to convince them that print distribution isn’t important. The 4-Hour Chef may be sold at few places other than Amazon. Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore chain in the U.S., won’t stock Amazon titles in its stores, and many independent bookstores refuse to do so as well. And while Amazon is making its New York titles available as ebooks to other retailers through distributor Ingram, few rivals are biting. The ebook edition of My Mother Was Nuts, for example, is for sale at Kobo but not at Google, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store or Apple’s iBookstore.

Via: “Ferriss: Even if I sell a million Kindle books, some people will call it a failure

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