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Protected: Welcome to Trump’s America

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Continued! Even more lame, British politician calls for stoning of Mideast female journalist via Twitter…

Out of total coincidence I have something to go with out last story! A Tory councillor has been arrested over claims he suggested on Twitter that Yasmin Alibai-Brown, a female newspaper columnist, should be stoned to death. From The Telegraph

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Kinda Lame: Man tells Islamic world – ‘Smoke weed everyday’, faces death penalty

Busted on the social networking site Facebook, a Palestinian man from the West Bank is facing the death penalty because he denounced Islam and told his followers to smoke up; If that wasn’t enough, he is also suspected of creating

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Fail: Can’t post YouTube video of my Ubuntu Desktop

I’ve created a few screen grabs of my Ubuntu 10.04 (kick ass) desktop and I can’t get any of them to convert without getting washed out with trippy colors. The source file coming from recordmydesktop is .ogv and converting it

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Fail: Gordon Brown makes election gaffe causing him to /facepalm

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today, who is polling third behind his opponents in the election, called a female candidate a bigoted woman in private remarks which were recorded and played back to him on the BBC. He swiftly apologized but

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