LAME: Getting Kids Hooked on Pocky

These Japanese – they all have a scary and dangerous addiction to an evil menace that seems to now threaten the world population. Pocky¬†sticks. Sure, it seems innocent. Chocolate (or strawberry, cappuccino or worse) over a cracker. But it’s on a stick. Nothing good comes on a stick. What’s worse Read more…

By The Zod, ago
Not Lame

Not Lame: State Fair Brand Corn Dogs

These are the best corn dogs money can buy (in the grocery store): A classic corn dog with beefed-up taste These beauties feature a juicy, all-beef frank wrapped in State Fairs signature honey-sweetened cornbread batter. Available in 5- and 8-count boxes and 12-count individually wrapped boxes. via Welcome to State Read more…

By The Zod, ago