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Rainmeter Enigma Theme Desktop Screenshot

Rainmeter Logo

Recently I changed my entire Rainmeter desktop setup from the wonderful Morph skin by minhtrimatrix¬†to Enigma by Kaelri¬†(respective Deviant Art links for Enigma and Kaelri). I can’t say enough how happy I am with the setup and it didn’t take

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Not Lame: Found, Beautiful Pictures of North Beach and Gulf Pier

Check out this Picasa web album I accidentally found; awesome shots of the Gulf Pier at Fort Desoto, the sun setting, the sky, the wildlife, the view and the beaches. I saw one of the shots on The Tag Show

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In Flight

I love these birds. They just camp out on the pier. Know what this one is? (Gulf Pier, Fort Desoto)

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You’ll Never Guess What They Are Doing

THESE DOLPHINS ARE HAVING SEX! The first thing I thought was – why wasn’t my mom here for this? I mean she brings home squirrel skulls, why wouldn’t she like to see two mammals doing it? It was weird. We

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Dolphins Aren’t to be Captured on Film!

This is a shot from the Gulf Pier. It’s one of the best, to come I assure, of dolphins that I took. They don’t follow the timing of a crappy cell phone camera so they became a nightmare to prove.

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