Rainmeter Enigma Theme Desktop Screenshot

Recently I changed my entire Rainmeter desktop setup from the wonderful Morph skin by minhtrimatrix¬†to Enigma by Kaelri¬†(respective Deviant Art links for Enigma and Kaelri). I can’t say enough how happy I am with the setup and it didn’t take much time to get everything in place at all. Typically Read more…

By The Zod, ago

In Flight

I love these birds. They just camp out on the pier. Know what this one is? (Gulf Pier, Fort Desoto)

By The Zod, ago

You’ll Never Guess What They Are Doing

THESE DOLPHINS ARE HAVING SEX! The first thing I thought was – why wasn’t my mom here for this? I mean she brings home squirrel skulls, why wouldn’t she like to see two mammals doing it? It was weird. We thought they were just playing around. Then they got closer, Read more…

By The Zod, ago