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Listen to Al Jazeera (English) With Live Audio Only Feed To Save Bandwidth

Al Jazeera English Live Not willing or unable to keep up with the news in Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen by watching Al Jazeera’s (new, freely available) Adobe Flash feed? Want to give Al Jazeera a break for offering such a

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Not Lame: Only Charlie Sheen Has His Priorities Straight

Charlie Sheen says the focus on his latest escapade is not worth media attention, especially with all that’s going on. Not because he’s embarrassed, not at all. It’s not the stories about porn stars, suitcases of drugs – it’s the

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Warner Brothers Leak Part of Harry Potter? (Yes, yes they did)

This story caught my eye because they put torrent in quotes, like torrent sites don’t exist; For those of you too busy downloading the entire Beatles catalogue to check out entertainment news, the second-to-last “Harry Potter” movie debuts Friday. The

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Lame Breaking News – Discovery Channel Offices Have Hostage Situation [Live Link]

The Washington Post is reporting that the offices of the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and others (their parent company is known as Discovery Communications Inc.) have a hostage situation in Silver Springs, Maryland. The man is said to have

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Live News: Haitian Earthquake Photos

As posted by me on Twitter (cut and pasted from my phone, from a great client TwitBird): Every Haiti Earthquake photo you wanted to see on Twitter (Twitter Search link, find the latest updates) – January 12, 2010 11:23:20

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