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Kinda Lame: Trying to make Pot Sexy with “Marijuana Montage” featuring sexy women and weed photos.

Sexy Obama Smoking The Pot

Okay we get it, people like the weed. But is marijuana sexy? But there isn’t much sexy about it. Unless you just juxtaposed photos of sexy women (or even sexy men) all around shots of the ganja. Of course someone

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LAME: Life Hack video by Smoosh (aka YouTube Channel Subscription Fail)

So I guess I subscribed to this channel on accident. I fire up the YouTube app for Android on my Nexus S 4G and am greeted with the following as a suggested video. The title seemed okay, and though I

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Does The Connected World Make Consumers More Savvy?

As I was pulling towels, socks and underwear out of my dryer this morning I noticed that the panel, right by the brand name, read “Infinite Temperature“. A bold claim. I’m no theoretical physicist, but I do like the topic – read

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Not Lame: Blog to Read: “The DCeiver” – Seriously Funny Political Shit

If you are going to read one political blog to make you laugh, and maybe cry, from laughing, it should be The DCeiver. Check out the sample post I stole below (yes, in its entirety because I’m just that lame).

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iTunes Pick For The Year 2009

May I present my personal choice for 2009? It’s not a new song, but it’s a song that applies for 2009. A classic that deserves to be heard. Drum roll please? Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’  

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