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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gearing Priority at Level 85

I was recently talking to a friend who has not been able to log as many hours of WoW playtime since the Cataclysm caused by our beloved Deathwing; and his question was what to do about gearing up his toon

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Kinda Lame: 4QQ.Org Dating – A Place For Love

My latest labor: Io_LF_LOVE: I’m a male Blood Elf Pally looking for a good time – not someone I will need Frost Resistance Aura to shield me from your heart. Don’t let my Righteous Fury fool you, I’m a gentle toon looking to

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World Wide QQ: Blue Poster Announces No More Wintergrasp Daily Quests!

The reasoning seems to be that Wintergrasp is too lag ridden now, but I don’t see that. My old machine couldn’t keep up, but that issue was on my end not theirs. A commenter on Wowinsider coined the phrase to

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World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King (WotLK) Night and Day

This past Sunday I pulled off a total of 12 hours of (almost) straight World of Warcraft play, and for this I’m proud. (Screenshots below) Below are just a few of the WoW achievements I, or Henzod rather, attained this

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W00T! Wow Lameness: King of Ironforge down on Kargath Realm

Horde defeats King of Ironforge

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