This site promises nothing else but to be lame.

Rules for being lame

  • Never be on time.
  • Drink, a lot, especially when you’re in public, especially if it’s frowned upon (like baby showers)
  • Be of no use to anyone.
  • If someone is happy, bring up bad news.
  • When things are going well for you, change it.
  • Stop. Showering.
  • Don’t ever remember the names of other people’s children.
  • At most only talk about yourself.
  • Either be too much into a holiday or don’t be into it at all.
  • Peer pressure? You’re not going to have fun, forget it.
  • Dedicate your life to useless things like video games.
  • Be bad with money.
  • Do you smoke? You should start – people love it.
  • Make sure people have the latest and greatest about your bowel movements, that’s important.
This is the secret to eternal lameness.

These rules are subject to change.

We aim to deliver content that is helpful and contributes to your day in a positive manner. We hope that by reading our site you have learned something. We should be a resource for personal finance, health, lifestyle and technology tips.