This site promises nothing else but to be lame.

Rules for being lame

  • Never be on time.
  • Drink, a lot, especially when you’re in public, especially if it’s frowned upon (like baby showers)
  • Be of no use to anyone.
  • If someone is happy, bring up bad news.
  • When things are going well for you, change it.
  • Stop. Showering.
  • Don’t ever remember the names of other people’s children.
  • At most only talk about yourself.
  • Either be too much into a holiday or don’t be into it at all.
  • Peer pressure? You’re not going to have fun, forget it.
  • Dedicate your life to useless things like video games.
  • Be bad with money.
  • Do you smoke? You should start – people love it.
  • Make sure people have the latest and greatest about your bowel movements, that’s important.
This is the secret to eternal lameness.

These rules are subject to change.